Recently, we’ve heard from a number of readers about a place that needs to be on our radar screen. (We get notes like that a lot from our readers, and appreciate when folks send in their tips, suggestions, and leads). The restaurant we were being pointed toward: La Sabrosita. We’re ashamed to say that despite part of the What To Eat Team living in Hoover, we weren’t aware of this Mexican-style ice cream and popsicle shop. Clearly we had to remedy that.

What better way to check out ice cream than during a freezing winter day? So, on the last day of holiday break, and while the rest of the world entered the January diet craze, we pivoted and went straight for the frozen sweets.

Located off Highway 150/Lorna Road, La Sabrosita has been in River Oaks Village for several years. Operating in Birmingham since 2006, it’s a family-run business.

A long freezer case is filled with homemade ice cream — more than a dozen flavors — as well as homemade popsicles and  chocolate covered bananas. La Saborsita has a dazzling number of treats, including  aqua frescas (including coconut, strawberry and mango), raspados (Mexican shaved ice), chamoyada (mango sorbet), as well as fresh fruit prepared with seasonings (more on that later). They also make rolled ice cream. So much to choose from!




Among popsicle flavors: Tamarind, Guava, Gooseberry, and Strawberry. Next time! We had heard a lot about their ice cream, so focused on that for this visit. Staff are super friendly and were happy to let us try samples.


Here is the banana split. Jr. Foodie gives his wholehearted endorsement. This one had birthday cake, Oreo, and chocolate ice cream.


During our multiple visits we kept coming back to Tres Marias: three scoops of ice cream served with homemade chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cookies and a cherry, served in a waffle bowl nestled in a cup.


This one had a scoop of strawberry cheesecake, salted caramel and Neopolitan. The chocolate hardens when poured over the generous scoops of ice cream. The ice cream’s ingredients shine — it’s fresh and delicious. And there’s a lot of it.


During our return visit to La Sabrosita, we put our seal of approval to the test with some friends. (When given a choice of anything on the menu, these guys gravitated toward the Tres Marias too! Among flavors samples: cookie, birthday cake, chocolate, and the ubiquitous strawberry cheesecake and Neopolitan). All passed with flying colors. And it’s saying something when middle school boys can barely finish the serving because there’s so much of it.


Fruit is a fixture at La Sabrosita and evident across the menu. The Fruit Seca ice cream (top scoop) features mangoes and raisins, which infuse the ice cream with the most delightful flavor.

La Sabrosita serves many traditional Mexican fruit-based desserts:  mangonada, a fruit juice made with mangos, lime juice, chili powder and chamoy sauce; Frescas con Cream (strawberries and cream), and Pina Loca (Mexican Style pineapple). We watched as customers visited this case by the door, grabbing cups of sliced fruit and coconut from the second shelf, handing to staff as they worked their magic.



When we asked for a recommendation, staff suggested we try an apple with Tamarind, lime salt, and chili powder. Delicious — and spicy:




And, because we clearly hadn’t eaten enough, we enjoyed a slice of sweet bread, made in-house.


We’re looking forward to adding La Sabrosita to our routine, and to going back and trying more of their offerings. And if you have a favorite of theirs, lets us know!


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