Interview with Chef Murray Flaherty

Have you noticed a new face at Coast? We’re pleased to introduce Chef Murray Flaherty! Chef Murray recently came over from our flagship restaurant, Glowbal, but has been part of the Glowbal Group family for over 13 years. He started at the original Yaletown location of Coast and now he’s back at our Alberni location, bringing his passion for food with mouth-watering features for brunch, lunch and dinner. We had the opportunity to speak with Chef Murray about his love for food. Read on for a closer look into his culinary background and how it has made him the Chef he is today.
When and why did you decide to become a Chef? While I was attending art school as a teenager, I started to work in kitchens. Once I realized that art wasn’t the right path for me, cooking just made sense. I enjoyed the intensity and brisk pace of the kitchen. There is also a strong team aspect, you come together as one. Cooking combined two of my two favourite things while growing up; playing competitive hockey and art.
Where did you go to culinary school? I went to Dubrulle Culinary and also participated in the apprenticeship program at VCC.
What other back-of-house positions have you previously held? I have spent three years as a butcher in a restaurant and a hotel.
Where else have you worked? In the Glowbal Group, I have worked at the old and new Glowbal (flagship restaurant), the old and new Coast and as well as Black & Blue, Italian Kitchen and Trattoria on West 4th. My first kitchen job was working at White Spot, but I’ve also worked at The Flying Pig, Charlie Don’t Surf and Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel
What is your favourite food to eat? I get asked this a lot but find it hard to answer, it’s hard to narrow down.


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